Forex Trading Course – First Forex Profits Training Course & Programme

I wanted to write a quick introduction to the first forex profits training course we have recently launched here at Elite Forex Trading and who it is for.

This course was something I’ve wanted to build for about 2 years now but simply didn’t have the time until around mid 2017.

And only now (almost 12 months later – as of June 2018) is the course ready.

It’s something we’re extremely proud of and something I truly believe can help make full time profitable traders within a very short period of time. With the information included in the course you will have the ability to become financially free within a couple of years.

This is not a get rich quick scheme or something you can implement with a tiny budget overnight and start generating $10k/month on autopilot. This takes work. You have to learn the skills, learn what to look for, what to avoid and actually become a trader. If you are truly looking for this then continue reading.

Who Is The Course For?

It’s designed for absolute beginners as long as you have read the beginners guide & our introduction to forex ebook you should be ready to enrol.

Forex Trading has a long learning curve and learning the specific skills does take time, but avoiding obvious mistakes is essential too. Our Forex trading training course is designed so that you already need to know the terminology. If you do know this then you are ready to move on, if you do not, then please read the eBook before continuing.

If you are in a position where you’ve read this guide and understand the basic terminology of Forex trading then you will understand the profitable strategies and techniques explained throughout the course.

NOTE: Please do read our free guides before picking up our course as we have a lot of free forex training on this website for the individuals who are just looking and not committed to taking the next step. If you are in this position please start with the guide and eBook. If you’ve completed these and have a basic understanding, then this is your next step.

What’s Included In The Course?

Included in our Forex training course are the exact same Forex trading strategies I’ve taught to one on one coaching clients for the past 12 months. The course itself focuses on 2 strategies we’ve used to generate profits in the markets for a very long time that continue to work and will work for decades to come.

These strategies are very long term strategies that will work years from now as they are based on psychology, momentum and price action, 3 elements that very few other Forex training courses talk about in detail.

The course itself is built onto the teachable platform, all trainings are in video format on the cloud meaning you can watch them again and again to get a better idea of what’s happening and more importantly how we look at trading set-ups. Getting into the correct mindset of a successful trader and not someone just looking to try and double their money everyday is extremely important. Videos about bankroll management and how to develop your own mindset and psychology are included PRE-STRATEGY.

What’s The Investment?

The course is priced at just $497 as a one time investment.

Instead of worse courses offered at $5,000, $2500 or even $1,000 I’m taking students on for only $497.

That’s $497 one time.

Is that worth 5% a month on your money forever?

Most likely.

To enrol go click:


Remember, currency exchange trading carries high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Elements such as leverage can work in your favour as well as against you and should be fully understood before getting involved in any trading.  There are risks and possibilities to lose some or all of your investments so never risk more than you can afford to lose and always follow correct bankroll management elements. Remember this is not financial advice and you should seek independent financial consultations if necessary.