Best Forex Trading Platforms | Top 5 Online Brokers

Top Forex Brokers

So you've decided to invest in Forex, but where do you start? There are hundreds of brokers all offering a "unique" platform that really isn't that impressive. Brokers will offer all kinds of offers to try and attract you in, but how do you know who to go with and who to avoid? Its important to research before signing up with a broker, luckily we have researched multiple brokers over the past few years and we believe these to be the top 5 forex brokers online today! The 5 brokers that offer you the highest potential to make a profit, best conditions, most responsive interface, best sign up offers and most security for your funds. Top 5 Forex currency trading software platforms and brokers on the market today [REVIEWED] 1. eToro. By far my first choice. Especially useful if you’re only … [Read more...]

Top Forex Trading Signals + Guide To Reading Them

Best FX trading signals

This blog is all about the most effective ways to profit from the forex markets. While developing your own unique trading quirks and learning how the markets work in much the same way as the pros and corporate banks do. Forex signals are something you MUST learn how to read to become a successful trader. This is why I created this mini-guide. The Best Forex Signals and the Elite Guide to Reading them A Forex signal is an instruction to execute a profitable trade. The signal can be delivered by a human or a robot AKA manual or automatic. Manual. You receive a message with instructions, and you must enter the trade on your broker’s platform manually. Many novice traders like this kind of signal, because they think that by manually entering the trades they’ll eventually learn something. … [Read more...]

FREE Forex Trading Guide (For Beginners) PDF

free fx guide for beginners

Free Forex Training & Tutorials  - PDF download In order to be successful in the Forex market, you need 1 of 2 things. 1.) To be a genius investor or 2.) To follow the right people, guides, training and tutorials. As I'm not a genius I learnt through the second method and decided to write this guide to help any aspiring forex traders to get started. Define your trading schedule. FX trading (mainly research) takes a considerable amount of your time (and money) in the beginning. You can be a part or full-time trader, depending on your current occupation and knowledge. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day and you can trade (almost) instantly with most online brokers.   Define your own trading style. Even before you learn to trade, it’s important to set your goals according … [Read more...]

Best Forex Trading Strategies and Systems

Forex Trading Strategies and Systems

FX Trading Strategies and Systems that actually work (Download PDF) So, you're trying to make a profit by trading Forex, and after hours of study you've ended up with a strategy to follow, out of the sea of systems, strategies and robots out there, let alone signal providers and mechanical systems that offer proven results..... But is it the one that works? Before you can really make a profit in the Forex market, you should have a sense of security that what you’re doing will actually bring a profit into your pocket, otherwise the stress is going to get to you, risking 5 figures on a daily basis can be a highly stressful task. In this article I’ll share with you what I consider to be the best Forex strategies around today. All of them have something in common: they work. They are … [Read more...]

Simple Guide to Automating Forex Trading to 1000%+ ROI

Automate Forex Trading

How to Automate FX Trading in 6 Simple Steps for a 1000% ROIs Step 1 - Select a relevant (perfect) Forex broker We have done endless research for you guys to try and find the perfect broker and the truth is there's not 1 perfect one but the best at the moment are still ava and etoro. Our full research and reviews on the top forex platforms and brokers is here. Just find a broker that gives you a good start up offer and you like the interface, past that they are all quite similar anyway. Step 2 - Understand how Forex works without automation Unless you know what your doing without automating the process, do not try to automate any trading of any sort, not least forex trading! Automation is for the individuals already competent with trading currencies and making a profit in the process. … [Read more...]

Forex Trading 101 – FX trading Strategies for Beginners

Forex Trading 101

The Basics on how to trade Forex - Everything you need to know The currency market or Foreign exchange market is one of the most rapidly changing investing markets in the world, with over 5 trillon USD traded everyday! FX can be highly profitable to individuals and companies that can predict minimal changes in currency pairs. Currencies tend to only change minimally on a daily basis, but as explained in the what is forex article, with leverage you can create high percentage profits daily, if not hourly, on minimal currency changes. Currencies or positions can be held for minutes all the way to years and the frequency at which you trade is entirely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish both long and short term. The forex markets are extremely stable, as currency prices are … [Read more...]

Introduction To Forex Trading | What is FX Trading?

Introduction to forex trading

What is Forex Trading, how does it work and how can I make money from it? Forex or FX is short for foreign exchange. The Foreign exchange market is the place in which currencies, such as the; yen, dollar or pound are exchanged for other currencies at a given price; the exchange rate. Millions of currency exchanges happen every day. In fact it’s been reported that 5 TRILLION US Dollars is now traded every single day, making FX the biggest market in world by a long shot! Whether you make an exchange purely to purchase a good or service with a different type of currency, or you are trading to make a profit, all transactions occur online between networks all over the world instead of on a centralised exchange, such as the LSE. How Can I make Money On the Forex Market? This is what I … [Read more...]

Best Forex Trading Robot | FAP Turbo 2 Review

Forex Trading Robots Reviewed

Top Automated Forex Trading Robot Robot trading can be an effective way to trade in the Forex markets, taking your earnings from “profit” to “mass explosion" without very much effort on your part. However, before embarking into the world of automated forex trading, there are a few things you need to know. What is robot trading? A robot is basically, a piece of software that installs on your computer and trades automatically for you. Normally, the robots are add-ons to the popular Metatrader softwares, which is provided free by most brokers, and require you to leave your computer running 24/7 to trade effectively. Since the robot analyzes the market constantly, it automatically finds market opportunities and opens trades to seize them. In case a profit will not be made by the trade, it … [Read more...]