Simple Guide to Automating Forex Trading to 1000%+ ROI

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How to Automate FX Trading in 6 Simple Steps to 1000% ROIs

Step 1 – Select a relevant (perfect) Forex broker

We have done endless research for you guys to try and find the perfect broker and the truth is there’s not 1 perfect one but the best at the moment are still ava and etoro. Our full research and reviews on the top forex platforms and brokers is here. Just find a broker that gives you a good start up offer and you like the interface, past that they are all quite similar.

Step 2 – Understand how Forex works without automation

Unless you know what your doing without automating the process, do not try to automate any trading of any sort. Automation is for the individuals already competent with trading forex. If you are a beginner then check out the beginners guide to trading on the site or our intro section.

Step 3 – Leverage

You will need at least 100,000 of your given currency to trade. So if you have £1,000 you must generate a 100:1 leverage. Leverage (as you should already know) is an increase in the amount you can trade, usually given to you by your broker. Quick example of leverage and the power when it comes to return on investment and percentage gains is below.

Step 4 – Robots (The Automation process)

This is why step 1 was of optimal importance and why I recommend checking our list of the best FX softwares to ensure you get a platform that supports or at least allows you to use robots. Once you’ve signed up and deposited to your selected platform, confirmed your leverage amount you’re ready to go.

The next step is to pick up a strong, reliable trading robot, you want something with solid long term results and not just “anything new” that is on the market. We have a guide on the top forex trading robots here too. But if you want to get started straight away I would recommend this robot, simply because of the history 14,000%+ over 5 years, all tracked, can’t argue with that.

Step 5 – Track + Time-scale

Although the process is automated you must ensure you track your progress. This is also why the time-scale you decide to choose is so important. Small fluctuations when you have thousands on the line can equal large profits or equally large loses. You should always know how much you can afford to lose as well as how much margin and percentage return you want from every trade.

Step 6 – Aim small and take mini profits

My final piece of advice is to aim small and take smaller profits but more frequently. This is why leverage is so important. Making £500/$500 per day by Forex trading is pretty easy when you have £10,000 + your 100:1 or 200:1 leverage to trade.

So what are you waiting for? If your looking to automate the process of trading you have to pick 1.) An appropriate platform to trade and a trading robot to do it for you.

Thanks for reading.

Forex Trading 101 – FX trading Strategies for Beginners

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The Basics on how to trade Forex – Everything you need to know

The currency market or Foreign exchange market is one of the most rapidly changing investing markets in the world, with over 5 trillon USD traded everyday! FX can be highly profitable to individuals and companies that can predict minimal changes in currency pairs.

Currencies tend to only change minimally on a daily basis, but as explained in the what is forex article, with leverage you can create high percentage profits daily, if not hourly, on minimal currency changes. Currencies or positions can be held for minutes all the way to years and the frequency at which you trade is entirely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish both long and short term.

The forex markets are extremely stable, as currency prices are based off supply and demand, which cannot be easily manipulated, even billions invested by banks cannot move prices. The markets can provide both long and short term sources of profits, but there are a number of basics that individuals should know before starting trading in the fx markets.

Understand Quotes, Currency Pairs and the PIP

When you first look into starting to trade Forex, especially if you are a complete beginner, the quotes and graphs and mountains of data can look pretty daunting.

Every currency quote will be valued against another currency. Hence the price will always be displayed as: Currency1/currency2 = Price. For example most platforms or brokers will generally display prices similar to below, (image source).


How forex brokers typically display forex rates

The base currency is always equal to 1 unit, in this case you can sell 1 euro for 1.4745 USD.

Direct vs Indirect Quotes

Currency pairs can either be quoted directly or indirectly. A direct quote is simply where the domestic currency is quoted first, whereas an indirect quote is simply where the domestic currency is the quoted figure.

The PIP (Spread)

The difference between the bid and ask prices is called the spread. Most forex brokers don’t tend to take commissions or charge to trade in the fx markets. Instead they make their money by the spread on a currency. The spread is measured in points or PIPS. In the above example the 4th decimal point indicates the spread and the difference is 1 point (45 to 46) and hence the spread is 1 Pip.

The pip itself is the smallest fraction by which a currency can move. Pips can vary for different currencies but must pips tend to be the 4th decimal place on a currency pair. The spreads themselves tend to be 5 pips. For example at the time of writing the spread for the Euro to the US Dollar is pictured right. This is a spread of 4 pips.

Forex Markets Opening Times

In the opening hour of the day the forex markets are incredibly active and the majority of large trades by big companies are done. This is not the ideal time to invest if you are a newbie to fx trading. I’d recommend waiting and trading throughout the day when the fluctuations are less violent. The forex market opening times are below;

Forex markets opening times

The Forex Toolbox

Forex trading is done online instantaneously (or close enough anyway.) So its important to have the most efficient tools to allow you to get every advantage on the information and signals you research.

The perfect trading platform – We have done extensive research into this subject here at EFT. Check out our guide HERE for more information on the top forex brokers around in 2015.

Leverage – Calculate how much leverage you can afford, afford to lose and most importantly NEED to make your trading profitable. It’s worthless trading $1000 including leverage as even a great day will only equal a 1% ROI and hence a $10 profit….Not worth it. With 100x leverage this $10 profit becomes $1000 a day…Suddenly becomes a lot more valuable.

Experience / Training / Guides – Please tell me you weren’t just going to jump into trading straight away? Pick up a GOOD guide. We have our awesome free training course here.

Automated Robots – Consider automating your Forex trading with the use of robots. These are generally frowned upon but they do work very well from our testing.

Thanks for reading and remember to sign up to our monthly newsletter to get some incredible forex trading tips!

Induction To Forex Trading | What is FX Trading?

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What is Forex Trading, how does it work and how can I make money from it?

Forex or FX is short for foreign exchange. The Foreign exchange market is the place in which currencies, such as the; yen, dollar or pound are exchanged for other currencies at a given price; the exchange rate.

Millions of currency exchanges happen every day. In fact it’s been reported that 5 TRILLION US Dollars is now traded every single day, making FX the biggest market in world by a long shot!

Whether you make an exchange purely to purchase a good or service with a different type of currency, or you are trading to make a profit, all transactions occur online between networks all over the world instead of on a centralised exchange, such as the LSE.

How Can I make Money On the Forex Market?

This is what I will be teaching on this blog over the coming weeks. Elite Forex Trading is a site designed to tell you how to make money even if you are a beginner, as easily and quickly as possible, this is why we specilise in automating the trading process, using robots, softwares and only on trading platforms that allow almost instant transactions. Becoming a professional fx trader isn’t an easy task, but if you absorb the information on this blog I’m sure you will find your feet and be able to earn a full time income within 1 year of trading.

What is Leverage in Forex?

Leverage is additional “trading amount” usually in the ratio or 100:1 or 200:1 that potential investors can acquire to increase the profitability of their trades. Leverage can allow traders to earn 100 times more than if they had just traded with their original investment amount. The video below perfectly shows what leverage is and why it is so advantageous.

FX Trade Example

An example of how money is made in a forex trade is below. It’s also important to remember that during a trade you are only ever trading on the relative value of a currency and not its actual worth. Another good example is situated here.

1. A trader deposits $1,000 (we use US Dollars for the example) into a trading account of their choice (recommended account).

2. If you choose a leverage level calculate your “usable investment”. For example if you had a 100:1 leverage you’d have 100 times more to invest. So now your $1,000 is worth 100,000 dollars.

3. Next the individual decides to buy Euros predicting they will increase against the dollar. $100,000 as of March 2015 the price of the dollar to euro is: 0.9395 and hence the trader receives (100,000 x 0.9395) = 93,950 Euros. 

4. 1 week later the individual wants to bank a profit as the dollar to euro price has moved to 0.920127 and hence sells the €93,954 to return: (93,950 / 0.9375) = $100,213  (minus the original investment of $100,000) = a profit of: $213. 21.3% 

5. Due to the leverage of 100:1 the individual was able to make a huge profit off a relatively small movement in the currency price.

What is a FX trading platform?

A Forex trading platform is simply a piece of software (usually a company) such as Etoro or Avatrade that allows you to make currency exchanges almost instantaneously. These softwares can vary in terms of fees, bonuses offer, displays, interfaces, support and pretty much everything you’d expect to vary from company to company. Check out our list of the top fx trading platforms here for more information on platforms.

Short term (day trading) vs Long term trading?

Full article coming soon on this, stay tuned!

What is a PIP?

The video below perfectly describes what a PIP is and how to calculate its value:


With the right training and trading strategies, and investing in specific currencies at the right times Forex trading can be incredibly profitable. For more information feel free to browse the website and contact us if you have any questions.

2 Places to Start in Forex

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If you are a total beginner its important to know what FOREX actually means, I mean I know when I started I didn’t know what forex even meant! Let alone how to invest. But once you get a good understanding of what it is, you can look at how it works, the signals related to the currencies and more importantly how you can make money from investing in these markets.

The best guide to get started (currently) is wiki (there’s a surprise) this is HERE but its a long post and will go in depth and more importantly in the basics of what forex trading actually is.

Second place I would super highly recommend checking out is investopia, this is an awesome website and is my personal go to, if I can’t remember a definition or acroymn of a word. They also have a great blog on their too.

If you enjoy investing but also like a bit of gambling too, I would say the place to be is, this is a great site for spread betting, forex trading and even stock trading to a certain extent. 100% Check that out if you like to gander in a bet or 2.

Those are all the resources I can think of off the top of my head.

Thanks for reading.


My Recommended top Forex platforms and Robots

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Below are my recommended Forex tools, platforms and anything I have found useful over the last 2 years of successful trading. They might not all be for everyone, but I can recommend these more than others I have not yet tested. I continue to test and tweak all the softwares to try and give you the best list.


Forex Megarobot – Easily the best automatic forex trading robot available today. ROI well above 400% per unit spent. Claims over 15,000% over the last 2,000 days which is not a bad return for anyone. Click here for more info on that.

Honest Forex Signals – Great piece of software created by Ken, still using this to date as well as the megarobot, combined they work perfectly for automating any trading process. Click here to check that one.

FX voodoo robot – Over 15 years this robot has returned over 65,000%…Not a bad return for a couple of hundred bucks investment.

Trading Platforms:

Ava – My favourite trading account and awesome for new members, I’ve management to set up a 20% deposit bonus for any new sign up, so if you want to get an ava account with a 20% deposit bonus: CLICK HERE

Etoro - Second favourite trading account and what I started with. Great for beginners as the platform and interface is perfect, they also have a number of tutorial videos to help you get started. To sign up to them click here.

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