Why I’m ALL IN On Ripple XRP – (10% Net Worth All In)

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Ripple XRPWhy I’m all in on Ripple XRP & How EXACTLY To Buy It (Hint: Don’t get conned)

Hey guys, this is a post just for my subscribers and it will be removed from the blog very soon.

In the next 500 words I’m going to talk about why I’m personally investing 10% of my net worth in Ripple XRP and HOW I’m doing this to mitigate something I’m seeing a lot (people getting scammed a LOT of money!)

Now before we start remember I’m not a financial adviser, I don’t claim to be and please do your own research before investing.

Why Ripple?

Today (as of writing) XRP is close to hitting $1.00. When it does hit $1, it will skyrocket and double or triple very quickly.

I don’t want this post to be thousands of words so I’m not going to explain why but if you think about support and resistance in forex trading, it’s the same concept. Also research other major crypto’s and you’ll see the results are very similar.

Another reason is that “big fish” only look at cryptocurrencies when they hit $1.00. Meaning that the biggest players in the investment world still aren’t really “interested” in Ripple.

But I am.

Amazingly so.

Ripple is the ANTI-Cryptocurrency.

It’s the brother that everyone hates.

It’s not decentralised and HERE’S THE KICKER: It’s used/owned by the banks.

That is why it is my biggest investment to date.

Should YOU invest in Ripple XRP?

Just to give you a bit of background, I don’t tend to invest much for the longhaul anymore. I make a lot of money from forex and good money from my automated businesses. In my opinion buying and “holding” is severly overrated.

But, with cryptocurrencies everything is sped up.

Including all the core benefits of Ripple (the company) and XRP (the Cryptocurrency)

Now, as a mentioned I don’t want this post to be too long and that’s why I’m not talking about Ripple XRP itself in detail. I’m going to let an experienced crypto expert do that below.

Obviously I don’t say this lightly.

Below is how I invest into XRP the currency and please be very very careful when you invest if you do it a different way.

How To Buy Ripple XRP (And Not Get SCAMMED In The Process)

First up, this is how I do it and how I’ve done a lot of my trading because 1.) It’s easy. 2.) It’s super safe and 3.) It’s quick. Feel free to go somewhere else but 90% of these “tiny” brokers are scamming you and HARD too. You want to invest at $1.10 now and see it hit $100 in 2-3 years time and then struggle to withdraw your money? Or always be worrying about it? Please just do it this way to be secure.

1.) Sign Up To Etoro

Step one is to sign up to Etoro, if you do this via our link (here) you actually get access to my personal email and free contact to me directly which means I will tell you WHEN and WHY I will be getting out of this space (even though it will be months and potentially years to come yet). Etoro is for NON-USA Persons only, if you are looking for a US account to sign up to then you’ll have to go with a party I have not used and hence cannot directly recommend.

2.) Verification of Your Account

Pretty standard stuff, you’ll need a photo/scan of your drivers license and a bank statement or proof of address.

3.) Deposit

Deposit into your account, again this can be done via bank card or PayPal. Either one is fine. Generally I would recommend at least $500 as a minimum but if you have enough liquid cash I’ve put 6 figures into this investment but the decision is of course up to you and the risk is present!

4.) Place XRP Trade

Search XRP in the Etoro dashboard. You will see the option, simply click and hit “trade” and follow the prompts with your relevant investment. This is designed to be as simply as possible so don’t worry about it being too difficult for you!

5.) Do not sell at peaks/Get scared

Something I want to warn you against – This is a long term investment. Ripple the company have 80+ major banks on-board including 3 of the 10 biggest banks in the world, the biggest banks in Japan and some massive UAE players too. I’m holding XRP for years. If the price goes down I may buy more, if the price goes up, I may buy more but I will not be selling these until at-least 2020 regardless of the position. I recommend you do the same, but of course as always do your own research.