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I just wanted to do a very quick post today talking about what you should expect from us over the next 12 months. We’ve had an extremely successful last 6 months of trading and our community here at Elite Forex Trading is growing rapidly too. As a result I wanted to give back to everyone that’s been reading and all future subscribers to let them know the course is being built. It’s months and months away yet and won’t probably come out until 2018, but be sure that when it does it will be like nothing you have seen before.

Why Are We Building The Course

A few reasons. The first and most important is I don’t see a reliable source of forex training online. Sure there are some very very beginner guides such as the pre-school on Babypips that I like, but aside from that people just aren’t teaching the markets correctly. They do not

The second reason is to generate funds for the EFT website. All proceeds will be reinvested into the site so we can provide more information and actually start creating video content about our trades each and every week (uploaded whether we profited or lost), the course itself is going to be extremely discounted and isn’t going to cost $5,000 or anything ridiculous that I have seen other “training” websites ask for. That’s a huge amount of money that beginner traders just simply do not have and asking them for probably what is a huge portion of their savings is just unfair. Our course will probably start at 299 but again we may offer review copies to some of the members of the EFT community.

So What’s Going to Be In The Course?

It’s pretty simple, the first part of the course is going to outline each specific element we look for in a trade in a very beginner friendly manner. Most of the readers of this blog probably already know this information but due to POOR training they might actually be looking for the wrong thing. We’ll be looking mainly at the 1h, 4h and daily time frame but the focus will be on being in and out of trades within 2-5 days and never holding a position for longer than 10 days. That might seem like a lot of time for some people, and as a result we have strategies you can trade IF you have more time to analyse the markets, if you don’t already have a full time job and you can look into the markets further, this will be for you.

After this I’m going to give you the exact specifications for what I look for in a trade. Before I take any trade their needs to be 4 of 5 different criteria met. If those are met then I’ll take the trade, if not then walk away. One of the biggest issues people have is they think they “have to get in on this” which means they often take trades too early and even change their minds throughout the trade to “catch it going the other way.” Avoid this at all costs. Missing a trade is better than a losing one.

If you cannot make around 100% ROI every 6 months on your money it a low risk way, then this course will be for you!

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The Elite Forex Training Training Course - The FUTURE of EFT
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The Elite Forex Training Training Course - The FUTURE of EFT
The Future Of EFT. We Will Be Opening A Course That Offers a Full In Depth Analysis of The Markets From Start to Finish. Traders Be Ready to Profit
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Elite Forex Trading
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