Elite Forex Trading Tom BucklandHey, wanted to write a quick about page as have been getting a lot of questions recently about what I do personally, who I am etc. So here’s a quick breakdown.

My name is Tom I’m the founder of Elite Forex Trading and we’ve been writing and learning about forex trading for close to 3 years now.

As well as foreign exchange I’m involved in some other businesses and love business and investing as a whole, in fact it’s the only thing I’ve done and will ever do.

But, a lot of people have jobs, do things they don’t enjoy and just generally aren’t happy with where they are financially and success wise. This is why I started writing Elite Forex to try to help people learn about the currency markets, but more importantly to actually help them with success investment mindset in general.

But I’m getting off topic now.

Elite Forex Trading was designed as an outlet to help people learn how to trade the markets profitably. There’s a lot of misinformation in the space and some dangerously so. People are selling $5,000 courses that mean nothing, others are saying you can earn 50% a month using extremely dangerous techniques. We wanted to do something slightly different and just provide an immense amount of free content.

Yes we do have a paid course called first forex profits. But realistically this isn’t something that would have been a good “ROI for our time to create.” That’s why instead of $5k it’s $497. A lot more affordable for the average person.

My goals with the site is to build it into the leader for free forex information online. I’d also love to be able to add a piece of software to the site eventually (Potentially the “ELITE FT”) that helps monitor and arrange trading opportunities for people to look into, but currently I believe people would just think this is a forex robot, and as we all know, those don’t really work…

But that’s me, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.