The Upcoming Months & The EFT Video Course

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the-future-of-eftskiesOver the past 12 months I’ve been writing alot about how to turn your forex knowledge into a full time income. Essentially how to create a forex business.

I love trading and it has enabled me to get to the position I am in today, where I count myself as self-employed, I make great money through trading and more than anything I’m happy. But getting to this position was not easy. I lost a lot of money, learnt the lessons the hard way and essentially made the mistakes that I preach about not making on this website.

More importantly than anything it took me a long time to get to the position I am in today, almost 5 years in total, that’s not counting the 1-2 years I initially started researching trading on a basic, part-time level. That means that it’s taken close to 7 years to get from a basic knowledge of trading all the way through to becoming a successful, professional trader. And although that’s less time than it takes to make the same amount of profit doing another investment medium, for me it really hurt.

That’s the reason the EFT blog exists in the first place, we are here to provide information not only about trading but also about bankroll management, trading accounts and generally helping people make their first pound/dollar/yen through trading.

looking-forwardLooking Forward

At this moment in time I think I’ve produced some great free content (and that will continue to come) but I haven’t done the full in-depth video course that I initially wanted to produce that would walk through every single element to creating a profitable trader. This is down to 3┬áreasons. The first is just the amount of time that would be involved in producing a course of this size. The second reason is I wanted to start a video series before starting this course. And the third is I am also involved in a number of other business ventures, which means my goals are split between 3-4 different mediums. Forex trading being the primary but still only accounting for 60% of my income. This means the other 3 elements still need work and hence take up more of my time.

The EFT Full Video Course – Late 2017

In the closing months of 2017 I would like to launch this course. It will be a huge video course that will likely only accept 100 applicants. Their will be a initial fee which has yet to be confirmed but will be in the $2,000 range. As this is likely to be alot of money to start-up investors I would like to start an open video course prior to this to “prove” the course’s value. If you are serious about becoming a trader then this investment will seem Minuit in the grand scheme of things.

The timeline will hopefully look something like the following: 2016-March 2017 will see the site continue as normal with posts every month and updating the already published information. During this time I will be planning the video series in the background, but nothing will go live on the site and there is likely to not even be a mention of it on the EFT site itself.

In March/April 2017 I will begin the open video series. This will be a daily/weekly video on Youtube outlining the trades we have made throughout the week and why they were made. Calculating the profit/loss and acting as a proof metric to the course that will be released later in the year. This series will likely last 6 months (potentially will continue inevitably.)

During this six month period I will also be creating the course in the background. This course will of course be something that I want to be perfect. Going through the basics of investing, forex and the currency markets. Then looking into brokers, why they work, how they make their money etc. Followed by a number of modules on the specific strategies I use when trading. For example if you are more interested in swing trading, day trading or simply looking for specific patterns.

In October/November 2017 I will be launching the course. This course will have a set number of users allowed and will likely be priced around the $2k mark but specific figures will be decided nearer the time. This will include a private Facebook group where members can talk about strategies and we can create a mastermind group bouncing ideas off of each other, all of which will include full private access to myself.

I hope you’re as excited about this as me. Good luck with your trading until that time!


The Upcoming Months & The EFT Video Course - Elite Forex Trading
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The Upcoming Months & The EFT Video Course - Elite Forex Trading
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